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Welcome to TriggerTone — the searchable online guide to audio post production terminology.

For more than a century, those who work with audio have developed a vocabulary all their own - a lexicon where cans are worn over your ears, clipping has nothing to do with coupons, bias never refers to favoritism, sweetening contains no sweetener, a matrix does not star Keanu Reeves, and "wow" is one thing you never want to hear.

TriggerTone signals the start of your search through the multitude of terms used in audio post. Curious why motor boating has sunk your track or how an anomaly with a name as innocuous sounding as flutter could cause so many rejections? The definitions herein were written for professionals not necessarily familiar with the physics of sound or the mind numbing details of an audio engineering textbook. Rather, the goal of TriggerTone is to provide concise, clear interpretations of terms as they relate to audio post embellished with sound clips and illustrations where helpful.

The gate is open; soon your head will be filled. To get you started, please remember that in the world of sound you do not need to layback to laydown, and you absolutely can not eat the pancakes.

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Lt/Rt (Left total / Right total) stereo indicates...


Optical Sound Track
An optical sound track is a picture of a sound...


A sync-pop is a 1kHz tone that is exactly one...


Mixing Console
The mixing console (also called an audio mixer or...


DAT (Digital Audio Tape) is a digital...


17.5mm Film
17.5mm film was a short-lived theatrical...